I’ve been using Greenkeeper for a fair bit of time now and it never ceased to amaze me how good it actually is.

If I have one complaint, it’s the fact it does not clean up after itself. At least, it struggles when you take on a dependency on a mono-repository - looking at you, Gatsby - which is updated every 5th heartbeat.

So Greenkeeper fall over itself creating branch after branch in order to help you out. Maybe this pull request, no wait, the next one will surely be good.

This goes on at nauseum, until the mono-repo developers go to sleep and I can comfortably update to the latest versions.

This leaves me with a ton of dangling branches against my repositories. Since I am not a fan of silly branches, and love keeping my repositories clean, I COMPLETELY AND ON MY OWN adapted a quick command I found here:

git branch -r | awk -F/ '/\/greenkeeper/{print $2"/"$3}' | xargs -I {} git push origin :{}

It is slow, but glorious to see branch after branch get nuked into oblivion.